Sunday, December 2, 2012

လက္ပံေတာင္းေတာင္ အၾကမ္းဖက္ႏွိမ္နင္းမႈ တ႐ုတ္သံ႐ံုးေရွ႕ ကန္႔ကြက္ဆႏၵျပ

မႏၱေလးေဆး႐ုံႀကီးေရာက္ သံဃာေတာ္မ်ားႏွင့္ အင္တာဗ်ဴး (႐ုပ္သံ)


moe said...

One of the children of Than Shwe’s host family was U Thaung, currently serving as Science and Technology Minister. Still other sources inside Burma suggest that Than Shwe’s parents and U Thaung’s parents were actually related, and that Than Shwe and U Thaung could have been childhood friends. U Thaung, one of the military regime’s fiercest critics of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, is at present reportedly leading efforts to obtain nuclear technology and know-how from Russia, arranging to send Burmese military students to study there.51

haymar said...

at Ayelar